National Hemp Association

The best resource and association for any individual serious about Hemp Is the National Hemp Association, Located mainly in Colorado. The best choice is to become a member. With several categories to choose from it is best to weigh your needs and pick the best option appropriate for you. If you are a student, a senior or a small farmer I recommend the basic membership with a fee of $50 annually. The affiliate membership is $150 annual for organizations with benefits such as exposure of your company and event invites up to the three a month, a link to your site, access to marketing material templates and discounted fee for members of your organization who join the association. I would highly recommend for any business serious about hemp to get the gold business membership at $250 monthly or $2500 annually it is the best deal with much more benefits to help grow and improve your business.

The National Hemp Association was founded in 2014 by Zev Paiss , and has worked on the federal campaign level to legalize industrial hemp. The work and exposure the association has fostered is unprecedented in the hemp field. Maybe only one other source has done as much, Jack Herer, and his famous well researched and definitive resource of all things hemp, The Emperor Wears No clothes (The Emperor Wears No Clothes: Hemp and the Marijuana Conspiracy)

The Association is mainly focused on the education and legalization of the greatest plant on the planet. Their other focus…Connecting like minded individuals to work towards one all encompassing goal; to grow hemp on a national level. The site boasts links to resources and companies who focus on hemp, such as Centennial Seeds , with their Otto II strain, boasting all farms in the industrial hemp program passed testing for the Colorado Department of Agriculture ; Canna Energy, the energy drink made from hemp extract, and a plethora of other great companies. Which I will be focusing a blog on them through out the coming month.

Follow the link and give them a check and see. Their are a great place to start for a novas or advanced researcher. Give em some support and you will most likely receive more in return. Take care all you beautiful souls. May your day be blessed full of love, light and prosperity!


Resources: how we have been controlled

Peace and blessings on this beautifully gorgeous morning!!

Today I am going to discuss the importance of resources. Not just cash as a resource but material to manufacture products such as building supplies, paper, textiles, and food sources. In the sixties there was a think tank formed to control all the resources from education to food, banking to construction. This think tank was published by Dial Press. It discussed owning and operating the major farms, or taking them by aggressive banking tactics initiated with the great depression, in turn having control of all the food source in the country (America). Getting all the schools on board to have and teach general information that was re-wrote to control the masses opinion of major historical events. All the banks being controlled by a central bank to control inflation, deflation, interest rates and the ability to maintain the cash flow and control economic prosperity and collapse. All media in order to sway public opinion towards the goals and ideas of the select few in power. To keep the power in the hands of the few instead of the power being in the hands of the People…

What does all this mean? It means that when a few control the supply of resources, we rely on for daily living, we have no power to spend our money on beneficial products and are left with only the choice to give away our hard earned cash to the power elite. No need to fret and complain about it; we allowed it. There is a solution for this however, grow hemp on a mass scale. As discussed a little in my page dedicated to hemp, with this one plant we have the power to regain control of our lively hood, where our money is spent and bring the money back to us instead of private corporations. And no I am not talking about socialism or democracy, I am discussing the idea of returning back to the Republic of the united states of America, what it was originally designed for.

Hemp growth and production is the only viable solution to many of the problems we face. BY growing this awesome plant each and everyone of us has more to offer then just going to work and being in environments we would rather not be. Each one of us can grow a portion to provide for heating our house, fueling our vehicles, producing textiles for clothing, seed and oil for nutritious food source. Once started the potential is unlimited and only held by the imagination of the People.

I am not a scientist or lab researcher just a guy who reads a lil from time to time and sees the great potential in simplicity. Hemp is an easy to grow crop and can be grown anywhere in the world, I’m gonna go on a limb and say we could even grow it in the Antarctic. Until I’m proven wrong it is a theory that stands lol.

Not only will growing hemp on a large scale benefit each one of us individually, the planet as a whole will also thrive. Many of us are aware of the detrimental effects fossil fuel have had to the planet. The effects of deforestation have produced, lack of oxygen, mudslides, loss of habitat and animals going extinct. We don’t need to use tree pulp for paper. Hemp is way better for paper(77% cellulose compared to 30% tree cellulose), stronger, lasts longer, keeps its color, does not become brittle and does not use sulfuric acid for production. When hemp is grown it eats the pollutants in the ground and air. In turn rejuvenating the planet to a healthy state. ‘Cuz as most are aware the planet is a living organism and needs nutrients, just like we do to live and be at a proper, beneficial ph level.

Using hemp for fuel and biomass is the best solution to many of the problems man has caused on this awesome blue sphere. I am not sure exactly the ratio for carbon consumption and production but a lil research and I’m sure you’ll find it. Using hemp fuel to power our vehicles will greatly increase the life of the vehicle itself. Less carbon means less build up and gunk in the engine. Using hemp to make plastic parts for the  bodies of vehicles is also a huge advantage, lighter, stronger and safer. With a lighter vehicle less fuel is expended to propel it. Stronger shell means a safer drive and less damage and loss of life from crashes. By growing the fuel domestically that’s cheaper fuel for all concerned. I’m saying we can drop the gas prices back down to below a dollar a gallon. No more subsidies for corporations or tax breaks for them. No more false flag wars and innocent people dying in the name of profit. No more fear mongering from the media. No more mass control of the minds of free men and women.

Using hemp as a textile is more beneficial to us the ones wearing the garments. Hemp is flame retardant, UV protected, breathable and light. Hemp also can be grown and manufactured with almost no chemical use whatsoever. They say we still need chemicals but I just think their imagination needs to grow a little and we can get away from chemical use completely. By manufacturing the textiles here on our land we can reduce the cost of manufacturing and shipping. In turn giving that savings back to the consumer, Us, our neighbors, our children, our friends. All of us will greatly benefit from the growth and production of hemp.

As a food source, Hemp is the best solution. It has been grown in times of famine to supply the needs of the masses. In the Bible, Joseph grew hemp for the great famine he saw coming in his dream. Hemp has all 23 amino acids, making it an adaptogene, a food that can build the proteins for anything you are lacking in your diet. It has omega 3 and omega 6 in the proper 3:1 ratio for optimum brain function and capacity. Iron to oxygenate every cell of your blood and body. Manganese to help ground you to the Earth. Magnesium to increase blood flow, added with the iron its a win-win. Its protein is most similar that of humans allowing for less energy to be used when digesting the food. We all are about using less energy, but have you considered the food ingest takes a lot from you?

I am not the only one or near the first one to say it. Hemp is a the only viable solution to all the problems men have created on this awesome planet. Many may not be aware that every one of the founding fathers and writers of the Declaration of Independence and Organic original Constitution  were hemp farmers and declared that in order to be a prosperous country we all needed to grow hemp and have plenty in store. It is the one plant that helped us win WWII, check out the video “Hemp for Victory”. Hemp stills is the only viable source for regaining control of all things this country once held dear. Give Dr Masaru Emeto a look and see for what he says about hemp and the consciousness of planet So what are you going to do about it?


Peace and blessings to you and thank you for reading!!

self love

Peace and blessings to you all on this gloriously awesome winter day, may the sun shine on you even in the middle of the night ;).
Self love…how important is it? it is extremely important!! I made a post on Facebook recently, “if one does not love and appreciate their life, how can one expect another to love and appreciate them?”
Self Love is the key to happiness. By loving one’s self we can in turn learn to love others and project that positive energy outwards. too often we find others in self loathing and pity. Or playing the victim card…he did this to me, she said that about me. Well none of that matters when your mind is full of positive thoughts, your heart is full of positive emotion, and your life is full of awesome kind and generous people. By generating love for the self you have the power to control your life and no longer allow others to control it for you. However, it takes responsibility and being accountable for ones thoughts, actions, and vibrational harmony.
In order to be in vibrational harmony one must be at peace with the choices they have made in life. It may seem hard but it really is easy as 1-2-3. It takes time and patience, and good things come to those who are patient. Allah (suphanna wa’taila) tells us over and over in the Qu’ran that the patient succeed and receive the things they need. Patience is a virtue for a reason. When we are patient we have the opportunity to reflect and make the best possible decision. Cuz after all this entire reality is based of choices we make.
I choose everyday to love myself and not beat myself up. I choose everyday to be a beacon of light for any and all other beings I encounter. I cannot be selfish when doing this work. Because I understand that I can only get whatever I give. This philosophy has been expressed by every sage, prophet and mystic throughout the ages and is really a universal unbending law. Some refer to it as karma. the time lapse for karmic actions however differs from choice to choice. Thank God for that. Because if karma was instant I know I for one would be in great trouble. Just as I am sure most others would be as well.
A daily practice I can pass along to you that has helped me become more self loving is a schedule I developed in prison and have been attempting to put into my daily life ever since.
1- Wake up before the sun, when the most prana is in the earth, Allah also tells us that this is best time for us to pray and ask for things as it is when He is closest to the earth. While praying and meditating during this time remember the things you are grateful for and thankful that you have them and the other blessings you have give thanks as if you have already received them.
2- After the sun has come up and I have prayed fajr I reflect on the activities I will be partaking in for the day. Plan out my schedule and study one of the books I am reading. At the moment I am reading “boundaries; how to say yes and how to say no to regain control of your life.” Make out my schedule and get ready to conquer all my tasks. exercise for thirty minutes, usually yoga and pull-ups, with some squats.
3- Go to work or work on projects I have going being mindful that I am an embodiment of light and love and that sharing that light and love will return it in like manner.
4- Pray afternoon dhuur, and reflect on how my day is panning, continue to work or work on projects.
5- Get off work go home study for a lil bit make prayer and spend time with family.
6- Sunset prayer and reading, go over the reading I performed earlier and reflect on what I had learned and how it has helped me throughout the day. stretch and do some yoga.
7- Pray isha and relax before bed.
The whole day prayer reminds me of the benefits of self-love and taking care of my body, mind and spirit. I am mindful of the food I eat. I do not eat meat as its toxic and full of chemicals. I drink a gallon of water every day to stay fluid, Bruce Lee said be like water my friend. I will continue to post more of each segment as time passes and eventually begin a video segment of this blog so I can share more enthusiastically with you all. for now have a great and blessed day to all you beings sharing the light!!
peace and blessings!!

Peace is within!!

Peace and blessings to all you beautiful souls!!

Its another glorious day on this great planet!! The more one remembers the creation and gives thanks the more one receives gratitude and abundance. We are not the only beings on this planet or in the Galaxy. as mentioned in the Qu’ran surah 42, ayat 29, “And among HIs signs is the creation of the heavens and the Earth; and the living creatures that he has scattered through them: and he has power to gather them as he wills.”

To me this is specifically letting us know that the Creator will gather all beings to the Earth. As you have noticed or read about other life inhabiting this Earth, or controlling the masses, helping the light beings ascend all that. The qu’ran gives verifiable evidence that this is a fact and not just hocus pocus. So when praying be mindful and pray for the well being of all beneficial entities, and even pray for the entities that wish harm as you can refract their misguidance towards love and not hate. We have the power within us to bring peace to the planet. With the guidance of The Creator we  can do all things to the good. And yes we can also do all things to the bad…but who wants to live in a world of hate and misguidance?

if one is having trouble finding things to be greatful for, just find a space and be greatful for the ability to think, the ability to smell, the ability to hear, the ability to feel, and the little things. IF one does not have much it is the best space to come from. As  material baggage is just that baggage…its hard to move when you are weighed down by ideas of responsibility to material baggage.


i hope you all have a blessed day!!


peace and blessinigs to you all!!

Muhammads Prayer

O God,
give me light in my heart
and light in my tongue
and light in my hearing
and light in my sight
and light in my feeling
and light in all body
and light before me
and light behind me.

Give me, I pray Thee,
Light on my right hand
And light on my left hand
And light above me
And light beneath me,

O Lord,
Increase light within me
And give me light
And illuminate me.

Peace and blessings be upon all you seeking light, sharing light, and embodying light. It has come to my attention as i am sure a lot of others attention that there just is not much talk about the last prophet these days, unless to discredit the mighty and worthy being that lead so many to becoming light warriors of peace and love.

Many of us these days are aware of being “enlightened” and seeking higher consciousness. It will be my attempt to share my own experience and the relevant hadith [sayings of the Prophet (peace and blessing be upon him)] and surahs (books) of Qu’ran, that are related to all the ancient texts and religious aspects of the planet that are aimed towards raising the awareness of the individual and the planet.

As you can see of the prayer above Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him), was a light being and warrior. Always seeking the highest light of the Creator (suphanna wa ta’ila). For guidance, sustenance, and protection. For all you light beings out there it is my deepest attempt to bring you the correct information to help you on your journey to becoming your best and highest self. May the Creator guide you rightly and justly towards your true path of love and illumination.

Peace and blessings towards you all!!

Think & Grow Rich

This book as been proclaimed to be one the best self-help/personal development/investing books on the planet. I have had the pleasure of reading it and utilizing the techniques and ideals inside this gem of paper. I recommend it to all and anyone who is working towards improving their live and growing their financial worth. Give it a check and see if i am wrong.

When I picked it up over thirty days ago I was skeptical due to the fact I have read so many other books. This book, however, has allowed me to harness the knowledge and power and put them into plans with definiteness of purpose. Within a very short time i have seen my cycle make quantum leaps forward. A few set-backs as there always is but it is well worth it. Applying the thirteen steps to riches in your daily life will greatly improve the status of your self worth and financial pocket book.

Since i have become more aware of my purpose on the planet I have searched and applied many different programs to help me achieve my greatest and highest self. It took three years or maybe some could say 27 to finally find a book that had all the information, laid out in a practical matter, to help improve my life. As soon as I began implementing the practices and ideologies into my daily life I immediately began to see results. It is my sincere hope that you will also benefit from the book as well and share it with your friends and family.


Think and Grow Rich!:The Original Version, Restored and RevisedTM