Is Telekinesis real?

YES!! Telekinesis is very real…well just about as real as anything else. With the age of information scientific fact and age old ideas have complemented each other and verified one in the same. It is only the goal to encourage you the current observer to trust your ideas and mind. If you know or have heard about the universal laws/7 Hermetic laws most popularized by the Law of Attraction? then you are aware of the power of the mind. Utilizing thought one has the ability to direct and attract the desired reality to ones Physical environment. Ones reality is based on the thoughts, feelings, and actions of the observer/individual, pushing/sending vibrational waves/particles (Fibonacci sequence) into the Universe/Unknown. In which the Universal Mind reverberates the vibration to the source from which it came. Now the source sending the vibration could be said to be the individual or personal observer. However, throwing religious and spiritual theory into the mix, one would understand that the observer is an aspect of The Observer, or THE ALL. Therefor, the individual observer is the transmitting utility for the energy of manifestation. As Nikola Tesla explained in 1899 that everything is light. The All knowing and ALL SEEING is pure light according to most religious texts, well its not really explained in detail just mentioned as to being light.

This could also been observed in the thought experiment “Schrödinger’s cat”. Now, in Schrödinger’s Cat experiment Schrödinger had the theory that a sub-atomic particle/wave would determine the outcome of the experiment. Known as super position. Where that particle can act in anyway undetermined, dictating the outcome of the experience/experiment. Weather it is the same experiment with a cat in a box or an experiment of social environment the sub-atomic particle/wave in superposition can be said to be the observer.  Going way back to the old paradox question…”if a tree falls in the woods and no one is around to hear it does it make a noise?” Lets go into it a little further. I am going to try and find sources of other information to correlate with my own ideas. however, I believe it is all based off perception.

So what am i getting at concerning Telekinesis? If all is light and based off the perception and power of the observer to create reality then one is technically creating their surroundings using telekinesis. Although some may be able to perform Telekinesis instantly others are slowed down in the quantum time bubble. Referring back to the Hermetic laws, we can observe how others have used these universal laws to their personal benefit. However, these laws only work for the individual observer when using Mentalism principles and the other six universal laws. It takes work and focus. There is no such thing as something for nothing. On any level one will pay for what ever one desires. Either good or bad, it is based on individual perception. Hence positive mental attitude is key when performing Telekinesis. Dedication and focus on ones ability to perform telekinetic power is key. If one does not believe they are capable of telekinetic movement then they will never perform with the action therefore literally making it “impossible”. For everything is based on mind. As one being an aspect of the ALL, just as a drop of the ocean has the same properties as the entire ocean, If you Do not imagine it so, it will not be. Now with imagination there also has to be action. Action will only happen with dedication and focus utilizing a positive mental attitude as most famously propagated by Napoleon Hill in “Think & Grow Rich”.

In the 1930’s there was a lot going on in the science arena as well as the spiritual arena. With authors such as Robert Collier & Napoleon Hill,  coupled with Schrödinger, Max Planck and Albert Einstein, and most notable Nikola Tesla, Created an awesome time of discovery both on the mental level and the physical level. It all starts in the mental realm first. Well, the spiritual realm. As your spirit/soul/super sub-conscious has a body. Your body does not have a spirit.  Ownership comes from spirit first over the physical. Physical is 3rd dimension, feeling is fourth, speaking is fifth, thinking is sixth, and being is seventh…well that’s how I see it, with many more other aspects and levels. Perspective remember? All men mentioned above have a very prominent thing in common. And they are not the only ones. Every individual through out history had the same common denominator. Power of mind. Or the power of will. When I mention Will it is many aspects needed for the successful completion of an idea.

If you are really searching for telekinesis and telekinetic ability and how to amplify them, then somewhere inside you is saying it is possible. Consider this, as an individual observer, you are here experimenting with this reality, just as a scientist would lol, then you can determine the outcome of this. You are in essence directing the whole show. With the option of many different endings, skits, themes and plots. Therefore possibly creating alternate realities with each and every creative thought and action. (Schrödinger).

Now if your idea is strengthening the ability to move objects with sheer will, one must consider what that will is operating from. What side of the pole, as the 4th Hermetic Law explains, is one coming from. In almost all philosophies, well every one I have found, the Middle way is the best path. For the road to hell is broad and the road to salvation is narrow, and few find it. Meaning with all the distraction in the mind it is difficult to live on the middle path. But if we changed our perspective of mind then one can determine what effects and what does not. IN short how one can cause the desired effect.

I am sure as the current observer one can reflect on past experience and current circumstance and apply this idea of cause & effect from a mental perspective. As an observer myself i have applied it many times. I have used a technique with more success then others, i read about in the book “The Lost Word of Power”, by Robert Collier. As mentioned earlier about “paying the price” the only way to receive something is to find something to give. As above so below, as within so without. Now, what to give is dependent upon your needs and desires. For when one gives of like you shall receive in like. If you give someone to eat you in turn will eat. If you give something of thought you in turn may receive new thoughts or ideas.For the idea of moving objects with the mind is a thought. You want the light off. Your thought happens and it causes your body to move. One is conscious of moving towards the thought, definiteness of purpose. Objective complete once you switch the light. Now that all happens in the physical right? How can we bring it to the subtle energies surrounding the objective? How do we not know if we are already doing it?

I think to really understand it myself I would have to delve into the idea of programming. Yes, as in human programming like a computer. It has been said that the human brain is really computer. With unknown applicabilities and treasures, as explained In the Acres of Diamonds Speech by Russell H. Conwell. If the mind is programmable and susceptible to perception how can one broaden their perception as to see more clearly. IN this instance to move objects with the mind. The mind has the power to transmit energy. Like above was mentioned that soul of the observer is the transmitting utility.  Acquiring a more open perspective is key. How can one acquire a more open perspective? With self-discipline and definiteness of purpose. It can be summed up into self-development. For if you are attempting to develop an ability that comes from the self you will need the tools of reaching your highest and most potential self. Following this will be a list of resources if one is interested in furthering their ability. In order to do that it should be noted one will need discipline, self-control, guidance, and imagination backed by positive mental attitude and faith. With anything on the web the links are affiliate links to books were one can find more information.

Topics covered will include:

  • Psychic  ability
  • telepathy
  • mind control
  • mind programming
  • leadership
  • Self Control

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