Inspirational Authors & Informational Resources

Here are a list of links for the authors that I personally recommend. Its time to seriously study if you want to achieve anything right? Even if it is an idea of moving objects with your mind. There are certain keys and principles one must grasp first. Coming from a center of love and light. For anything good that you can imagine can come to you. Its been said over and over.

Prominent Authors of recent History

I also recommend touching up on all religious aspects with a new frame of perception. As with any practice and teaching it is key to discern between what serves one and what no longer serves one. Using the force for good lol. There is also a really good manual for unlocking your brain program of the current system. It is not for those that are faint of thought but rather for those searching for the answers they themselves know are possible.

Relevant Videos you may enjoy….

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Possible resources for strengthening psychic abilities:


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