The Main Point!

Peace and blessings be upon you and your loved ones and associates!

Greetings to all!! I am Justin Mitchell of House Woodward, I reside in the Midwest of the Republic of the united states of America. I have created this blog/website to promote the artist, jewelers, musicians, and authors whom have helped guide me and inspire me towards becoming my greatest and highest self.

Since a young child I was obsessed with my dreams and what they meant for my physical life. My mother did a great job in teaching and fostering me towards understanding dreams; relating them to my daily activities. I have understood and stood over the fact that we all come to this planet with a  certain mission. We already know before we incarnate on this blue sphere the challenges we will face, the people we will met, and the opportunists and set-backs we will encounter.

As I have grown into the being I am now, I have been through what most would call bad or not so good settings. I was incarcerated at the age of 14 in-and-out of juvenile and placement. When i was 18 I went to prison with a ten year sentence. Did roughly 5 1/2 years of self education and personal development. Let me tell you Prison was the best thing that has happened to me. It allowed me the time and space to educate myself from my own understanding. Since being released in 2010 i have traveled and spread the knowledge I had gained and continued and continue to gain concerning Islam (peace & tranquility) and solutions to everyday problems. I had the opportunity to study Universal law/Law Merchant/Uniform Commercial Code (contract law), art, writing, and self taught myself to draw, paint, write and speak to others in a relate-able fashion. When I discovered the benefits of the Hemp plant I went hard in the paint ever since. I have been without shelter, slept in below freezing temperatures, went days without food, and traveled with no money. It has been such a rewarding opportunity I cannot express how awesome it is.

It all has led me to where I am now and able to bring what I offer to the table. What do I offer you may be wondering? Love, kindness and insight to many things all of us would love to experience but maybe are afraid to go out on the limb. I have challenged and put my soul, physical being and mind to every test and continue to do so with each and every passing moment. I have learned that life is about growth and progress. Sometime one must take a step back to leap ten steps forward. I hope you enjoy the blog and contribute as insight of others journeys is well accepted and appreciated.

Peace and blessings to you all!!

Please share if you like and enjoy to all whom it may concern.


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