…Earning $ with surveys?!


There is the survey site i have been using since finding out about this “earn Cash with surveys” thing i found on clickbank. I have been working to promote things and also learn from the products i promote. So it has been challenging and difficult. I am attempting this feat by investing lil more then time and creativity. I had heard tell if i receive too much traffic the Big goo will shut my site down. Interesting as well as challenging.
Here I am performing any trick I can and attempting to write meaningful content. It has been a lil more then challenging considering family life and daily ideas. Can not complain though. Its hard to lose when you are always winning lol. Just sharing a lil.
Back to this survey thing. I got a $1 invite survey earlier today that took fifteen minutes. Within thirty minutes I received another survey for $35. I do not use a smartphone but received one from a smart phone app for $35. I said on the survey that my household uses smart phones so I can only speculate that it was because of the survey earlier in the day. Key to these surveys is filling it out correctly. Just like anything i believe it requires a lil strategy and game plan. But I will definetly keep you posted. If you would like to check out the software for your own then follow the link below and make a purchase lol.



Author: jr157206

I am so-journer of this wonderfully majestic planet called Earth. I am only here to share love, offer advice, and spread the truth as one may see it. I have traveled across the American continent for three and half years beginning in 2010 off and on. Usually with very little resources. I believe that when one is doing for the good of humanity you will find and receive all things needed in your journey. Just as in every scripture and ancient text has told us. When you are in need give and you shall receive in like. I love all beings and creatures inhabiting the Earth even if some may have ulterior motives of control or de3ciet, that's neither here nor there for one must stay positive and keep spreading light and awareness the best one sees fit without clogging or demonizing others views.

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