Where does our food come from?

SO whats this Big Agra thing all about?! lol I’m sure most are aware of what big Agra is but for those who do not I’m gonna break it down. First let me start off with saying in 2014 the United Nations made a declaration to all the people on the planet stating that Big Agra had to go and we as a people needed to return to self sustaining localized and community farming. Well not in those words. They Said that climate change was a huge role in agriculture and that agriculture consumes a lot of energy contributing to greenhouse gases and climate change. They also mentioned we need to find a way to cut down on the energy consumption that agriculture is eating. Well to me there seems to be one viable solution. And yes if you have guessed hemp you are right. I’M not entailing just growing hemp solely but growing at least ten percent on every farm would greatly increase the productivity and reduce the consumption of energy as the biomass produced from hemp can be used to fuel and power the farm or factory it is going to. Ideally if every farm grew fifty percent crop of hemp and fifty percent of other crops and rotated with the seasons the soil would improve, and i have a theory that it would eat the chemicals in the soil returning it to its natural state. Allowing for organic food to be grown. Hemp is pest resistant so maybe, just maybe, the pest will also not eat the other crops and we can work towards getting away from pesticides all together.

i couldn’t find the study but I’m going to throw a number at it and say 75-80% of our food comes from big Agra. Now if corporations are controlling 80%(which is low compared to 98% the “Report from Iron Mountain”, Dial Press) of the food supply world wide that just tells me world hunger wont go away until everyone on the planet has money to afford their prices. With that, the price of food will increase and its just a never ending cycle with current monetary system we are on. Localized farming is the only solution for us to help those who can not afford to eat. By growing crops and utilizing the open space all around us we cannot only “fight” hunger we can eradicate it. We humans are the so-called most evolved species on the planet and we are the ones paying just to survive. With out the right amount of money, many are left with low grade food lacking quality nutritional value. Forcing the lower income individuals to buy food that is unhealthy and wasteful. Solution= Grow food every where!!!!

How can hemp help? Well for one hemp can be grown in almost any environment with little to no maintenance. Heck, it stills grows all over the Midwest in Indiana, Illinois, Ohio, and Kentucky without any human intervention or help. It needs no pesticides and is drought resistant. It replaces the nutrients into the soil that were depleted from other crops. I am not sure if this is valid fact but my theory is that Hemp has the ability to eat the toxins, metals, and plastics in the soil, such as in landfills. The quality of nutrition….well its the most nutritious plant on the planet, with all 23 amino acids for building protein blocks and chains, omega 3 &6 in the correct ratio of 3:1 for optimal brain function, globulin, and the other two which if your more interested please give this article a read, by Lynn Osburn, Posted to Ratical.org, a phenomenal site for all things well, hemp nutrition .

Well I hope you enjoyed your read, also for more ideas check out this awesome article on Agroforestry, by Lance Shuttler .


Author: jr157206

I am so-journer of this wonderfully majestic planet called Earth. I am only here to share love, offer advice, and spread the truth as one may see it. I have traveled across the American continent for three and half years beginning in 2010 off and on. Usually with very little resources. I believe that when one is doing for the good of humanity you will find and receive all things needed in your journey. Just as in every scripture and ancient text has told us. When you are in need give and you shall receive in like. I love all beings and creatures inhabiting the Earth even if some may have ulterior motives of control or de3ciet, that's neither here nor there for one must stay positive and keep spreading light and awareness the best one sees fit without clogging or demonizing others views.

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