self love

Peace and blessings to you all on this gloriously awesome winter day, may the sun shine on you even in the middle of the night ;).
Self love…how important is it? it is extremely important!! I made a post on Facebook recently, “if one does not love and appreciate their life, how can one expect another to love and appreciate them?”
Self Love is the key to happiness. By loving one’s self we can in turn learn to love others and project that positive energy outwards. too often we find others in self loathing and pity. Or playing the victim card…he did this to me, she said that about me. Well none of that matters when your mind is full of positive thoughts, your heart is full of positive emotion, and your life is full of awesome kind and generous people. By generating love for the self you have the power to control your life and no longer allow others to control it for you. However, it takes responsibility and being accountable for ones thoughts, actions, and vibrational harmony.
In order to be in vibrational harmony one must be at peace with the choices they have made in life. It may seem hard but it really is easy as 1-2-3. It takes time and patience, and good things come to those who are patient. Allah (suphanna wa’taila) tells us over and over in the Qu’ran that the patient succeed and receive the things they need. Patience is a virtue for a reason. When we are patient we have the opportunity to reflect and make the best possible decision. Cuz after all this entire reality is based of choices we make.
I choose everyday to love myself and not beat myself up. I choose everyday to be a beacon of light for any and all other beings I encounter. I cannot be selfish when doing this work. Because I understand that I can only get whatever I give. This philosophy has been expressed by every sage, prophet and mystic throughout the ages and is really a universal unbending law. Some refer to it as karma. the time lapse for karmic actions however differs from choice to choice. Thank God for that. Because if karma was instant I know I for one would be in great trouble. Just as I am sure most others would be as well.
A daily practice I can pass along to you that has helped me become more self loving is a schedule I developed in prison and have been attempting to put into my daily life ever since.
1- Wake up before the sun, when the most prana is in the earth, Allah also tells us that this is best time for us to pray and ask for things as it is when He is closest to the earth. While praying and meditating during this time remember the things you are grateful for and thankful that you have them and the other blessings you have give thanks as if you have already received them.
2- After the sun has come up and I have prayed fajr I reflect on the activities I will be partaking in for the day. Plan out my schedule and study one of the books I am reading. At the moment I am reading “boundaries; how to say yes and how to say no to regain control of your life.” Make out my schedule and get ready to conquer all my tasks. exercise for thirty minutes, usually yoga and pull-ups, with some squats.
3- Go to work or work on projects I have going being mindful that I am an embodiment of light and love and that sharing that light and love will return it in like manner.
4- Pray afternoon dhuur, and reflect on how my day is panning, continue to work or work on projects.
5- Get off work go home study for a lil bit make prayer and spend time with family.
6- Sunset prayer and reading, go over the reading I performed earlier and reflect on what I had learned and how it has helped me throughout the day. stretch and do some yoga.
7- Pray isha and relax before bed.
The whole day prayer reminds me of the benefits of self-love and taking care of my body, mind and spirit. I am mindful of the food I eat. I do not eat meat as its toxic and full of chemicals. I drink a gallon of water every day to stay fluid, Bruce Lee said be like water my friend. I will continue to post more of each segment as time passes and eventually begin a video segment of this blog so I can share more enthusiastically with you all. for now have a great and blessed day to all you beings sharing the light!!
peace and blessings!!


Author: jr157206

I am so-journer of this wonderfully majestic planet called Earth. I am only here to share love, offer advice, and spread the truth as one may see it. I have traveled across the American continent for three and half years beginning in 2010 off and on. Usually with very little resources. I believe that when one is doing for the good of humanity you will find and receive all things needed in your journey. Just as in every scripture and ancient text has told us. When you are in need give and you shall receive in like. I love all beings and creatures inhabiting the Earth even if some may have ulterior motives of control or de3ciet, that's neither here nor there for one must stay positive and keep spreading light and awareness the best one sees fit without clogging or demonizing others views.

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