Muhammads Prayer

O God,
give me light in my heart
and light in my tongue
and light in my hearing
and light in my sight
and light in my feeling
and light in all body
and light before me
and light behind me.

Give me, I pray Thee,
Light on my right hand
And light on my left hand
And light above me
And light beneath me,

O Lord,
Increase light within me
And give me light
And illuminate me.

Peace and blessings be upon all you seeking light, sharing light, and embodying light. It has come to my attention as i am sure a lot of others attention that there just is not much talk about the last prophet these days, unless to discredit the mighty and worthy being that lead so many to becoming light warriors of peace and love.

Many of us these days are aware of being “enlightened” and seeking higher consciousness. It will be my attempt to share my own experience and the relevant hadith [sayings of the Prophet (peace and blessing be upon him)] and surahs (books) of Qu’ran, that are related to all the ancient texts and religious aspects of the planet that are aimed towards raising the awareness of the individual and the planet.

As you can see of the prayer above Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him), was a light being and warrior. Always seeking the highest light of the Creator (suphanna wa ta’ila). For guidance, sustenance, and protection. For all you light beings out there it is my deepest attempt to bring you the correct information to help you on your journey to becoming your best and highest self. May the Creator guide you rightly and justly towards your true path of love and illumination.

Peace and blessings towards you all!!


Author: jr157206

I am so-journer of this wonderfully majestic planet called Earth. I am only here to share love, offer advice, and spread the truth as one may see it. I have traveled across the American continent for three and half years beginning in 2010 off and on. Usually with very little resources. I believe that when one is doing for the good of humanity you will find and receive all things needed in your journey. Just as in every scripture and ancient text has told us. When you are in need give and you shall receive in like. I love all beings and creatures inhabiting the Earth even if some may have ulterior motives of control or de3ciet, that's neither here nor there for one must stay positive and keep spreading light and awareness the best one sees fit without clogging or demonizing others views.

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