There is an idea I believe most people would agree is the ideal. Being sovereign. But what is “Sovereign”? How does one become sovereign? Or is it something one is born with?

In my experience it is something both born with and fostered by constant work. It is easy to be lazy and allow systems to replace responsibility. However, one is still responsible for their soul. No, this is not open to debate or discussion. This article is not going to delve into the belief that there is a creator or evolution or any of that nonsense. It is a knowing. Once an individual understands they are an aspect of the creator and no other being is worthy of worship then one can fully grasp the ideal of being sovereign. There is no authority of ones own life outside of self, and outside of self nothing gives life besides SOURCE, and source is everlasting and non existent in the normal sense.

In order to be sovereign one must be self sufficient. Now this can be translated in many ways depending on the individuals observation, i.e. perspective. For perspective plays a major role in all of life’s many facets.

To be chef-sufficient is to have a faith and trust that no mater what one does, what one thinks, as long as it is coming from a center of love, tranquility and peace it is very possible to achieve. For if one is a mirror reflection of source in a material aspect one has the ability to create many different realities. Based off perspective. Having faith in ones ability to perform any task no matter how insurmountable to others is being self-sufficient. Being able to maneuver in the physical world by any means, as long as from a center of love, harmony and peace, is the true test of self-sufficiency.

How would one become Self-sufficient? Well, as above so below and within so without. It is based off perspective. Perspectives differ from being to being. We all have universal truths inside of us. We all have been exposed to media influence for almost a century now. Yes, it is in your DNA. DNA is a record base of information storing all experiences of beings in your bloodline. You have the power to control your life by controlling your thoughts. No one said it was easy. Or is it? Once again its all in perspective.

Bob Proctor speaks of these things called Paradigms…as do many other authors, speakers and sages. I am using him because he is the most notable one at the moment. Paradigms/perspective control individuals lives. IN order to control ones self it is imperative to take time for self reflection, self encouragement, all leading to self improvement. For nothing can be done outside of self until it is done inside of self.

When most individuals hear of sovereign or think of the word they generally correlate it with the idea of nations and countries. There are no nations or countries in the sense mot individuals believe them to be. They are corporations. You could be said to be a corporation. How so? Corporations have there names in all caps, also know as an ens legis, or legal entity. You have a legal title and an equitable title. Your birth certificate is a stock, that is traded on the NYSE, and other laces, but this isn’t about that at the moment. That is what is known as Legal Title. Your all caps name and Birth Certificate. Your equitable title is the Account established with the SS- five form. Allowing the International Monetary Fund to loan the United States Corporation monetary value for you as an asset. The Birth Certificate is known as Chattel paper, or a “Warehouse Receipt”.

Interesting huh? So yeah whats the point? Well, the main thing is, You Are a Sovereign Being. That system was only created to enslave you by financial means. Since the advent of money mankind has been in constant enslavement. I am gong to say that everyone has wondering why things cost money and where the idea of money even came from. I mean if money was not an invention then everyone would be land owners, everyone would be awesome members of society. I hardly think that all the negative aspects of life would be as rampant as they are if Money was not involved in our system. Each individual could build housing, grow food, and be self-sufficient. However, many have been lead astray. It is the same as eve religion has said, every sage has said, and every prophet or philosophy. Freedom is the ultimate goal. Not just in having a lot of money or anything like that but true freedom of being who one was intended to be without the influence of outside prejudice. Freedom to love and express oneself as they view fit. Many have been lost due to the constant bombardments of society to conform. To have a job and be a good member of society. To pay taxes. To obey authority. To be a good servant.

Remember once you have the understanding that there is no inherent authority outside of self what authority does on have to obey? Self Authority. This does not mean one can do heinous crimes. I mean if you want to kill people, if you want to rob and steal, if you want to cheat, if you want to lie, if you want to be hateful, then you will get your reward. Just don’t run up on me trying any of that shit. I am love and come from a center of peace and anothers’ outcome of hate will never win either here or on the physical or in the spiritual. But in order to understand that one must stand over themselves. That is the key to self-sufficiency, or becoming sovereign. That whole karma thing, or reaping what you soe, and what goes around comes around.

Once one can control their mind and radiate love and tranquility one is able to move onto the other aspect of sovereignty. Material security. Yes we need material. We are spirit operating in physical reality. We are here to experience this. Now, it may seem that humans have grossly over used and distorted reality to an advantage of the few. Then again it can be said that the masses allowed that to happen because they chose comfort over freedom. It was wrapped rather nicely with a big bow and these promises. Never the less we have on a mass majority been enslaved by financial means. Just as JFK put it, oh, and a week later was assassinated.

In order to be self-sufficient on the material plane we must work together. We all have inalienable rights. Those need not be discussed and are not open for debate. The only way to be self-sufficient in the material plane is to grow what the planet already provides. I mean look at the earth. It is sovereign. It is self-sufficient. If one looks at the aspect of what many believe to be alien control and Draconian rule and all that it puts in perspective of an inter planetary view.

What can we grow in order to be self-sufficient? Well the earth is full of abundance and never lacks anything. The most abundant resource we could grow are three thing: Industrial hemp, bamboo, and aloe Vera. These three resources can literally replace every other resource that we all “pay” for. Allowing us all to reap the benefits of what we soe, literally. It has been plan as day since the beginning. Grow and multiple, be plentiful.

As with anything being sovereign is an idea many have forgotten or have not even considered. And the only reason you are reading this because either you are interested in owning your self or you are sovereign already. Yes we are all born with this. It is an inalienable right. To govern ones self and determine what is best for ones life and soul. They created the whole mirage to disguise the real power. Its you!! It always has been. You are the gold. And if you are the gold then the golden rule applies. “He who has the gold makes the rules”.

Just some thoughts I have been wanting to express on here for a while. I will be adding to this as I go. For now if you would like to check out books and publications on this links will be provided. I am sourcing where information can be obtained because you need to purchase books and invest if you really want to study and know more. I have been studying these principles since I can remember. I have always understood that there was no authority outside myself and have attempted to be myself my whole life. In sequence I was doped up at the age five with Ritalin then adderoll Prozac and all that jazz. Until I was nine and decided to not and refused the meds any further. They said I was unruly in school and a trouble maker so I had my own desk in ISS and Saturday school every Saturday for my whole school career. Until at the age of 14 I was put in jail for an argument with my step mother. I was skating and practicing for a sponsor me video on the porch. She attempted to take my board because I was grounded, which was all the time. She feel down. My dad beat the shit out of me and called the cops. I went to juvy for a month. That was only the beginning of me being incarcerated for the next 10 years. Which once I got in there and used to it I was comfortable because I was kind of free to think for myself, I was free to write, I was free to learn things without influence from others.

When it comes to legal aspect of the above information I wrote briefs and filed lawsuits and did hearing and post conviction motions while incarcerated as an adult. Not just for myself but for others incarcerated. Then I found out about this “blacks law”. Which was awesome. It dealt with etymology. How words are tools. Reason why we learn how to “spell” at a young age. In law words are used in disguise and with trickery. IF one is ignorant of the true meaning of a word one can easily be taken advantage of. It is imperative to be well read and have an extensive background of words. That was background in law and helped prepare me for the information I acquired later.

I had got word of an account holding over $100 million. I knew it had to be true. Well one day while walking in the hall I was talking about it and a guy, who happened to a Moorish Science temple advocate asked me if I had any of the information on what I was talking about. To which I replied,NO, I am looking for more. The individual and I worked out a deal. He had heard of my skill in all things law and started giving all the publications and resources to get me started. I studied them and studied them and wrote and wrote. It was called the redemption manual. I was in love and felt truly powerful and since then I have always carried a sovereign mentality.

Why was I in prison? Well like most I grew up with the idea that money was the sole purpose of living. To squire money. To live I needed money. To do anything I needed money. I didn’t like being told what to do or being on someone elses’ time. So I sold things. All kinds of things and then started stealing. I hadn’t been what one wold call a criminal until I was 18 and put in the world. I was under the influence that money was the goal. BY any means necessary. So prison helped sit me down and reflect on my true purpose. To help others achieve their individual sovereignty. Only Kings and queens hang out with other kings and queens. I will go further into this later as this is just some thoughts. My next blog will be about “contract law” and how deep this simple understanding can take one.

Until next time…Peace, blessings and abundance to you and yours!


follow the links to find the resources
Redemption Manual 5.0 Series – Book 1: Free From Servitude (Volume 1)


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Here I am performing any trick I can and attempting to write meaningful content. It has been a lil more then challenging considering family life and daily ideas. Can not complain though. Its hard to lose when you are always winning lol. Just sharing a lil.
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Hemp: the Healthiest “Super Food”

Greetings and Blessings on this beautifully awesome evening! I hope and wish great intentions to you and your well being, health and prosperity.

Number 1 “Super Food” as described by many researchers and nutritional specialist is…Hemp!!

Lets discuss these things called fats. Well just as any other thing, there are two sides of the coin; the good and the bad. Also know in this instance as “polyunsaturated fats” (the good) & saturated fats “the bad) with a minor mono-saturated fat as well.

When it comes to maintaining proper health and  a sound state of mind, it is important first to consider what you take into your body. We become what we eat.  Doctors and researchers believe that cancer and cardiovascular disease is mainly caused by ingesting too many fats on the bad end(saturated fats), and not enough on the good end. There are three main categories of fats, polyunsaturated, mono-unsaturated, and saturated. Polyunsaturated fats are also known as essential fatty acids (“EFA’s'”) which are needed for life. Linoliec acids (LA) and linolenic acid (LNA) cannot be produced from the body and must be obtained by the diet of the individual. EFA’s are needed for vital functions in the body such as growth, energy, and clarity of mind. EFA’s help the process of pushing nutrients throughout the body to the needed sections, wherever that may be for the individual. With fat being the second most abundant substance in the body, it is important to intake the good fats at the right ratio. Hemp oil is 55% LA and 25% LNA, a 2:1 ratio. Which is the most beneficial ratio for optimum health. Allowing us to curve fatty degenerative diseases. for information relating to the chemical composition check out Rat Haus.

Hemp has been declared as a miracle weight lose supplement. Hemp is  packed with 23 amino acids, as are many other plants in the plant kingdom. However hemp is unique in one regard, it is comprised of 65% globulin edistin (main protein in plasma). Globulin’s carry out the main function of living. In a class of seven simple proteins constructed from amino acids they are without non-protein substances. These globular proteins are what makes your plasma. Plasma is the fluid part of the blood that deliveries nutrients to all parts of the body. Globulin’s are the building blocks of the immune system. Globulins are broke down into three groups: alpha, beta, and gamma. The first two; alpha and betta transport required material. While the last, gamma, has five different sections for immune system function. Essentially the antibodies needed to fight infection or disease that may invade the body. Without the required amount of globulins to build the blocks needed the individual will lack the required material to ward off infection or disease.

I personally include hemp seed and hemp oil into my daily diet. I perform a cleanse once a year for a month. it is broke down into four week parts:

Week 1: Upon waking I drink one full glass of water infused with lemon. Allows the body to be hydrated with high alkaline properties. Next i ingest 2 tablespoons of hemp seed oil & eat one tablespoon of hemp seed hearts. I continue through out the day to drink up-to eight glasses of water. As I get hungry I will eat the same ratio of seed to oil. Usually about four times spaced evenly out.
Week 2: I keep the same routine as mentioned in week one and add color to my diet by incorporating fresh fruits and vegetables. As needed. Everyone is different and has different appetites. continue with the eight glasses of lemon water throughout the day and the 2:1 of the hemp oil and seed.
Week 3: Continue with the diet as in week 1 and 2 incorporating rice and some other high starch vegetables.
Week 4: IF you eat meat you can include this in it. However, I would not recommend eating meat and you can do research on that on your own time. For me meat makes me feel sluggish and sometimes I find myself getting upset or angry for no apparent reason ad reflect on my diet and meat has been the cause every time.

This diet will also cleanse you of the additive addiction from most fast foods and foods purchased at the super market.

The number one reason I eat hemp and hemp seed oil…it is the best food source for the brain. In one serving, roughly three tablespoons, there is 45% phosphorus, 2% calcium, 6% riboflavin, 8% folate, 20% zinc, 25% thiamin, 110% manganese, 45% magnesium, and 8% Vitamin B6 that is for the seed or Hemp hearts . Lets take a look at what each one of these minerals and vitamins are good for.

Phosphuros– is the second most abundant mineral in the body. It is good for filtering waste and repairing tissue and cells. Along with…

  • build strong bones and teeth
  • filter out waste in your kidneys
  • manage how your body stores and uses energy
  • grow, maintain, and repair tissue and cells
  • produce DNA and RNA — the body’s genetic building blocks
  • balance and use vitamins such as vitamins B and D, as well as other minerals like iodine, magnesium, and zinc
  • assist in muscle contraction
  • maintain a regular heartbeat
  • facilitate nerve conduction
  • reduce muscle pain after exercise

Calcium– one of the most important minerals for building healthy bones and teeth, along with

  • Clotting blood
  • Sending and receiving nerve signals
  • Squeezing and relaxing muscles
  • Releasing hormones and other chemicals
  • Keeping a normal heartbeat

Riboflavin (B2)- promotes energy productions by helping the body break down carbs, proteins and fats, offers antioxidant protection and Increases iron metabolism.

Folate– is a water soluble vitamin b, helps create DNA and is best for woman who are pregnant.

  • promotes normal fetal development
  • promotes sperm effectiveness
  • metabolize homocysteine into methionine (heart health)
  • reduces the risk of stroke
  • Neurological support
  • Cleans the colon

Zinc– a transition metal or “essential trace element” zinc has substantial biological importance for plants and animals. Zinc stimulates over 100 different enzymes as well as

  • controls & regulates immune response
  • stops diarrhea
  • regulates how neurons communicate (improving memory and learning)
  • shortens the common cold up to 40%
  • maintains skin structure and integrity healing wounds faster
  • promotes proper growth throughout all stages of life
  • decreases the risk of age related chronic disease
  • promotes eye health
  • increases sperm count and fertility

Thiamin(B1)– maintains a healthy nervous system and improves the cardiovascular functions of the body, is also part of the B vitamin complex. Beneficial attributes are also…

  • helps in energy production
  • anti-aging properties
  • diminishes the risk of Alzheimer’s
  • improves appetite and memory
  • great for heart health
  • produces red blood cells
  • prevents cataracts
  • helps in digestion

Manganese-vital for the functioning of the brain and proper activity of our nervous system throughout the body. Is also a powerful antioxidant that neutralizes free radicals. As well as promoting…

  • healthy bone structure
  • bone metabolism
  • is a co-enzyme for healthy metabolic activity (fat-burner)
  • formation of connective tissues
  • absorption of calcium
  • functioning of the thyroid gland and sex homrones
  • regulation of blood sugar
  • metabolizes fats and carbs

Magnesium-one of six essential macro-minerals and is beneficial as preventive treatment for …

  • osteoporosis
  • depression
  • diabetes
  • hypertension
  • cardiovascular disease

B6– converts food into energy and also metabolizes fats and proteins. B6 also contributes to healthy hair, skin, liver and eyes. B6 is an important component in the production of dopamine and serotonin. More beneficial properties are…

  • eases neurological conditions such as seizures, Parkinson’s disease and depression
  • reduced risk of stroke, heart disease and heart failure.

As you can see for yourself all play a huge role in the function of the body. Each one helps and aids the other in countless ways. It is the ultimate super food. The benefits of a diet like this are tremendous. If your goal is to slim down and get tone it is perfect. Hemp oil is a natural fat burner. It’s like an equation. When you are ingesting positive fats it cancels the negative fats. If you are lifting weights and want to get size the hemp seed is more beneficial. If you just want to be in great health it does that as well. With both the seed and oil containing key nutrients for fat burning and muscle building. As you can see from the above information Hemp contains all the building blocks for protein needed for the diet, making it an adaptogene (whatever one is lacking in the diet hemp will build the proteins). It is a theory of mine that this hemp protein will actually build longer lasting muscle then the traditional cretin and protein shakes. Without the effect of tiring one out. Hemp is most similar to human DNA meaning it requires less expended energy to break down and assimilate the proteins into the blood stream for nutrient giving sustenance .


For more information I recommend checking out a few books:

The Emperor wears no Clothes, by Jack Herer, click here

Hemp for Health, by Chris Conrad, Click here

for Hemp hearts i recommend Manitoba Farms, just click the link for easy access.



Where does our food come from?

SO whats this Big Agra thing all about?! lol I’m sure most are aware of what big Agra is but for those who do not I’m gonna break it down. First let me start off with saying in 2014 the United Nations made a declaration to all the people on the planet stating that Big Agra had to go and we as a people needed to return to self sustaining localized and community farming. Well not in those words. They Said that climate change was a huge role in agriculture and that agriculture consumes a lot of energy contributing to greenhouse gases and climate change. They also mentioned we need to find a way to cut down on the energy consumption that agriculture is eating. Well to me there seems to be one viable solution. And yes if you have guessed hemp you are right. I’M not entailing just growing hemp solely but growing at least ten percent on every farm would greatly increase the productivity and reduce the consumption of energy as the biomass produced from hemp can be used to fuel and power the farm or factory it is going to. Ideally if every farm grew fifty percent crop of hemp and fifty percent of other crops and rotated with the seasons the soil would improve, and i have a theory that it would eat the chemicals in the soil returning it to its natural state. Allowing for organic food to be grown. Hemp is pest resistant so maybe, just maybe, the pest will also not eat the other crops and we can work towards getting away from pesticides all together.

i couldn’t find the study but I’m going to throw a number at it and say 75-80% of our food comes from big Agra. Now if corporations are controlling 80%(which is low compared to 98% the “Report from Iron Mountain”, Dial Press) of the food supply world wide that just tells me world hunger wont go away until everyone on the planet has money to afford their prices. With that, the price of food will increase and its just a never ending cycle with current monetary system we are on. Localized farming is the only solution for us to help those who can not afford to eat. By growing crops and utilizing the open space all around us we cannot only “fight” hunger we can eradicate it. We humans are the so-called most evolved species on the planet and we are the ones paying just to survive. With out the right amount of money, many are left with low grade food lacking quality nutritional value. Forcing the lower income individuals to buy food that is unhealthy and wasteful. Solution= Grow food every where!!!!

How can hemp help? Well for one hemp can be grown in almost any environment with little to no maintenance. Heck, it stills grows all over the Midwest in Indiana, Illinois, Ohio, and Kentucky without any human intervention or help. It needs no pesticides and is drought resistant. It replaces the nutrients into the soil that were depleted from other crops. I am not sure if this is valid fact but my theory is that Hemp has the ability to eat the toxins, metals, and plastics in the soil, such as in landfills. The quality of nutrition….well its the most nutritious plant on the planet, with all 23 amino acids for building protein blocks and chains, omega 3 &6 in the correct ratio of 3:1 for optimal brain function, globulin, and the other two which if your more interested please give this article a read, by Lynn Osburn, Posted to, a phenomenal site for all things well, hemp nutrition .

Well I hope you enjoyed your read, also for more ideas check out this awesome article on Agroforestry, by Lance Shuttler .

Just some thoughts for the day….

More & more people are becoming aware of the detrimental effects our actions have on our well being state of mind & the planet as a whole. As with anything there are two sides to this coin, once recognized we have the ability to change and effect this towards the betterment. Your spending habits and the products you purchase help finance and support the corporations who produce the products you buy. Pretty basic huh? Well you are also financing and supporting the corporations nefarious bids and interest as well. The main commodities we use in almost everything; paper and plastic
We are all aware what it takes to acquire oil and timber. The oil industry has wrecked untold havoc on the planet at large. You can find the resource for that information anywhere you look if you are inclined to look. I will only touch on a few things for the purpose of this article as one could spend half a lifetime writing about all the bad. The timber industry uses wood that is 30% cellulose to produce paper material. That means 70% of the tree is wasted or turned into particle board.
Where does it go then? Into the environment of course with all the chemical compounds with it, list of chemicals, Causing the land and environment around it to be contaminated. Polluting the water around it, the animals either directly or indirectly from the runoff and chemicals seeping into the soil.
Plastic is produced from petroleum and other petrochemical processes. The extraction of the oil itself has harmful effects on the environment. Many times tainting the soil near the site, take the gulf ocean incident for example.The wars and innocent lives lost on both sides is an irreparable damage. But we can stop relying on the products and oil from such incidents. I am not preaching what is right or wrong just a few common things we most are aware of. History is re-pleat with the disastrous causes of getting and manufacturing this lol, from the waste produced from plastic processing to the oil spills in the ocean.
I could be argue that oil has caused more death in the last 100 years then any famine or drought. Oil has polluted the environment we all need to survive. Our young men have fought wars for the corporations in the interest of obtaining another countries resource by force. When we spend our money on these plastic and paper products we are also subconsciously saying we support these things as well. If you are like most people the idea of war, poverty, and pestilence are not a fun time and generally not conspicuously supported. Well its not necessarily our fault. I mean what can you buy at the store that does not use petrochemicals and paper products? Almost nothing on the market. So what can we do about it?
By growing this one plant we the people have the power to return and retain the control over our spending power and the ideas and circumstance we support. By growing hemp we can eat up some of the co2 emissions they say are causing this green house gas effect; global warming (scam or not). We can produce plastics and paper of better quality without sacrificing our integrity and honor. We can support a sound ecosystem and clean up the pollution. The crops will get better as hemp puts nutrients back into the soil instead of depleting the nutrients. The money we spend goes to our neighbors and family as the products produced from domestically grown hemp can be less costly then imported products. And we all complain about everything being made in china huh? Plus all those taxes we pay for corporations to get tax breaks and subsidies for their oil will vanish. More money in your pocket and more money in the economy. When we buy products form other countries our money is going to them, and not staying here at home. I am not saying cut off foreign trade as it is good for the most part, but we need jobs and industry here as well.
Hemp has more then 50,000 applications from cosmetics to fuel. It is more resourceful then timber and petroleum combined and beneficial to the planet. Allowing us all the option of supporting our country neighbors and family by purchasing products grown at home and produced in factories down the street or even in someones garage lol. This allows us all to have a share of the pie and live more in tune with our environment. Improving the health of the individual and the planet as a whole.
Included in this article are references and resource for companies and their products. As well as on my page there is an amazon store full of all products made with hemp. I have also included links to other articles for information and books if your interested in educating oneself even further. I hope you have enjoyed this article. It was not my intention to provide resources for all the bad, as we can just think back in recent history and see the effects and causes. Turn on the news any day and see what the fight over these resources is doing. Take care and have a blessed day!

Best blogging software i have found

Greetings! welcome to my post about the best software i found for blogging. It is Curationsoft Content Curation Software. This program allows you to have multiple sources open at the same time with easy integration of reference source for your blog or publications. It has a 14 day free trial. Head on over and give it a look and see how it fits your tasks.Click Here!